Light Tower Unboxing

September 14, 2017


independent review  







As most of my work is done from the comfort of my desk, the thought of building an LED light tower was really quite daunting.


Luckily for me, it only required 4 screws, and I was ready to go in minutes.



















Remove the cardboard, to reveal your Light Tower 💡





















You'll then need to cut the plastic cable ties which are temporarily holding the base plate and LED floor lamp in place. 






















The base plate and LED floor lamp can then be removed. 


You should then remove the plastic packaging, and snip the cable ties.



















The LED lamp is hinged, and you're able to readjust the angle depending on where you want the light to shine.


Shining the light straight up will create less shadows on a back wall, so I decided to tilt it slightly, to catch the shadows of the zebra print pattern.

















You then need to align the base plate and floor lamp with the bottom of the light tower (you'll see 8 holes, which will align with the 8 holes on the bottom of the tower)


Push the base plate gently into the bottom of the light tower, until everything lines up.



















Next, find the pack of coloured screws provided, and fasten them into the holes.


You'll have two screws spare in the pack - just in case you lose any...






















Once you have all the screws tightened, you're good to go.


(the photo shows the screws not fully tightened. The screws do end up flush!)














You then need to find a suitable place to stand your light tower up, preferably near a power supply... unless you just want a 'Tower' 🤷


If you plan to put these in your garden you can use the expanding ground bolts (included in the box). I didn't need to for mine, as it stands freely indoors with no problem.


You get a remote control in the box, which you can use to change colours and set brightness. I stuck mine on blue to match the light switches on the walls.


Overall i'm really happy with my Light Tower! Easy to set up, and looks fantastic.




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September 14, 2017

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