Bring your walls to life with our stunning Zebra LED Screens


Included in this kit, are our LUX RGB LEDs to illuminate your artwork. With over 60,000 colour combinations at your fingertips, each creating a visual experience casting light and shadows. Adding a dimension to your space that you simply won’t get with normal wall art.


Our LUX LED Light Kits are IP67 Waterproof.


Kit includes LED Light Diffuser to reduce glare.


Add a splash of colour to it's Black and White stripes! With over 60,000 LED colours available to chose from (touchscreen remote included) - your Zebra Wall Art will truly be one of a Kind. 


PANEL SIZE: 1200x600x20mm 


Made from 1.6mm Galvanised Steel

All Wall Art (except our weathered steel Cor-Ten effect)
have a 20-micron Galvanised Zinc coating. Our (RAL) coloured screens have a further 110-micron UV resistant polyester
powder coating preventing colour fade, forming a durable
scratch resistant barrier guaranteeing a 20yr plus product life.
COR-Ten forms a stable rust-like appearance when exposed to
the elements. In simple terms, the steel is allowed to rust and
this oxidised layer forms a protective coating that dramatically
slows the rate of future corrosion. Supplied in its raw state,
please allow 6-8 weeks for oxidation to occur.

Zebra Print LED Wall Art


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